Walton Primo RX3: Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Walton Primo RX3 is one of the few high specifications phones from Walton. The RX3 has some great features which are necessary for stylish and modern smartphones. It has got Android 4.4.2 Kitkat operating system, 1.7 GHz Octa-Core Processor, 13+5 Megapixel Camera with many features, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 2100 mAh Battery and many more in it. Let’s check out the details of this phone Walton Primo RX3:

Walton Primo RX3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Basic Information:
Operating System: Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat)
Processor: 1.7 GHz Octa-Core Processor
Number of cores: 8
GPU: Mali-450
Storage space (ROM): 16 GB
Expandable memory: Up to 32 GB

Walton Primo RX3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Network parameters:
Call mode: Dual Card, Dual Standby (3G supports in both SIM slot)
Network type: UMTS+GSM
Network band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz
Network speed: GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSPA+

Walton Primo RX3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Screen parameters:
Screen size: 5-inch HD
Resolution: 1280 x 720, supports 26M color
Touch & Protector: Capacitive touch screen with 2nd generation gorilla glass
Display type: Pure black IPS, OGS

Walton Primo RX3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Camera parameters:
Rear camera: BSI 13 Megapixels with autofocus
Front camera: BSI 5 Megapixels
Video recording: Full HD (1080p) (1920×1080)
Flash: Support (Both front and rear camera)

Video: 1080p Full HD Video playback
Radio: Support with recorder

Walton Primo RX3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Dual Band Wi-fi b/g/n (2.4 and 5 GHz)
Bluetooth V4, Micro USB V2, OTG
Wireless Display Sharing, WLAN Hotspot

Motion sensor: Accelerometer (3D)
Environment sensor: Light (Brightness Control)
Position sensor: Proximity

GPS module: GPS with A-GPS network-assisted GPS navigation function

Walton Primo RX3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Battery Capacity: 2100 mAh
Type: High-density Li-polymer battery

Weight: 128 g (with battery)
Dimension: 140.8 x 70.4 x 8.8 mm

Walton Primo RX3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Special features:
Timing SMS
Software lock
Smart wake
Double click to light
Float multitask window
Front flash
Unified storage

Walton Primo RX3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Price: 13,990/= BDT

Walton Primo RX3 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Customer Care Center:
For more details or any questions, please call Walton Customer Care (from 9 AM to 10 PM).
The numbers are given below:
09612316267 (from all operators and landline)
16267 (From all operators except landline)


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  1. Which is better overall performance between Walton Primo RX3 or Walton Primo V2?

  2. Symphony Xplorer P6 Pro phone ta kemon hobe? Er flash ta kemon hobe? Please janaben.

  3. Processor ki Mediatek naki Snapdragon?

  4. Vai, amar Walton RX3 er 2100 mAh battery. Ami jodi er vitor 3000 mAh battery babohar kori tahole ki mobile er kono problem hobe?

  5. This phone is still available in your showroom. The phone features like a lot to me. If so, I’ll take it.

  6. Via, amar Walton RX3 er sensor kaj korche na. Jar karone ami racing game khelte parchi na. Game control hoy na. Racing car sudhu ekdikei jay. Control hocche na. Ekhon ami ki korbo?

  7. Vai, valo configuration er dik theke Walton Primo RX3/Symphony Xplorer ZV Pro konta valo hobe? Naki onnota. Amar budget 14,000/ BDT.

  8. Oh yes. KitKat amar valo lage. Lollipop bhalo lage na. Lollipop upgrade na holei valo.

  9. Thanks bro for reply. Bro, eta ki ekhono 4.4.2 KitKat ache naki Lolipop e upgrade hoyeche?

  10. Bro, eta ki ekhon Rangpur e paoya jabe? Ar etar current price koto?

    1. Call Rangpur Walton Plaza: 01678-028091. Current price is given in the post.

  11. Sujon vai, Samsung Galaxy S3 valo na Samsung Galaxy S4 valo? Ektu janaben.

  12. Sujon vaia, net chalano, download, video dekha, game er jonno kon mobile ti valo? RX4, RX3, S4, V1 naki VX? Doya kore janaben.

    1. S4. But, I suggest you having a look at the Walton Primo V2. It is better than S4.

  13. Ami aj Walton RX3 phone ta kinte jacchi. Dekhi kemon hoy. Battery back up and net use korle asha kori set gorom hobe na and charge o valoi thakbe. Air gesture ache kina dekhe nite chai.

  14. Walton Primo RX3 Chittagong kon showroom e available pabo? Kindly janaben urgently.

    1. Call 01678-048521 to know the answer. It is the number of Walton Plaza, Kapashgola Road (Near City Bank), Chittagong.

  15. RX3 mobile er battery ki removable?

  16. Which one is better Walton RX3 or Walton S4?

  17. Sujon vai, Primo RX3, RX4, RM2 ei 3tar moddhe stylish, camera, configuration and battery bibechonay konti valo hobe?

  18. Vaiya, ami dotana’r majhe pore gechi. Thik bujhte parchi na RX3 kinbo naki RX4. Please suggest korun.

  19. Vaia, Samsung Galaxy J5 er current price koto? Please kindly ektu bolen.

  20. RX3 te KitKat to onek din holo. Ekhon o ki Lollipop pabo na?

  21. Game er jonno konta bhalo hobe? Samsung J5, Walton S4 naki Walton RX3?

  22. Sujon vaia, etar dam ki kombe? Ar komle kobe?

  23. Amra to akoi desh er manus. Amader jonno dam ektu kom dile ki hoto?

    1. Kom e to diche. Samsung, Sony er sathe tulona korun. Aro kom chaile kichudin wait korun. Aro kombe.

  24. RX3 er cheye RM2 er camera er flash ki valo hobe? Sujon vaia, taratari bolben.

  25. Ekta Walton Primo G5 bikri hobe. Keu kinle jogajog korun ei numbar e: 01773485045.

  26. RX3 te ki all game support dibe? Ar flash kemon? Raat e chobi tola jabe? Bolben kintu.

    1. All games are supported. Flash is good enough for night capturing.

  27. Eta kisti te nea jabe? Sujon vaia bolben.

  28. Sujon vaia, please bolben, Feni showroom kothay? Ar eta ki kisti te nea jabe? Taratari bolben. Amar eta khub pochondo.

    1. 307, Nahar Tower, Shahid Shahidullah Kaisar Road, Feni. Contact Number: 01678-028541.

  29. Chaina Phone hoye jay Walton. Deshi ponno, setting Bangladesh. How funny.

  30. Battery configaration of this phone is very poor i.e. 2100 mAh. How the policymaker of Walton want to dominate the market with such low configured battery. They should immediately increase the battery power by 3000 mAh or more to make customers happy and interested for buying Walton mobile.

  31. Great phone, except the battery.

  32. Valo tobe battery kom. Somossa nai. Dam ta 10,000/= er moddhe hole valo hoto.

  33. China phone diye Walton bole Banglar manusher.

  34. Phone ta khub valo. Amar onek pochondo hoise. Price ki kom hobe na? Eita ki Khulna te ache?

  35. Nice phone. But kichu aro besi hole valo hoto mone hoy.

  36. Ekta Samsung Galaxy Note 2 bikri kore ei phone ta kinte chai. Price: 14500 (fixed). Location: Rajshahi (Kazihata). Call me: 01793425379

  37. Walton Primo RX3 kinechi, ar kine ekhon para er moddhe achi. Mone chai akdom achar mere bhenge feli. Amar wifi amar friend ra chalay ar ami chalate pari na ei phone set diye. Kemon lage bolen to? Wifi settings e gele connection hoy. Abar jey settings theke ber hoi, omni chole jay. Ei somossa theke je kivabe ber hobo bujhte parchi na.

  38. Mobile er specifications khub valo. Tobe Android hole valo hoto. Puropurivabe network er dharon khomota kom. Dam 10,000/= hole valo hoto.

  39. Phone ta gorom hoy kemon? Ar notification toolbar er jonno light ache ki na jante chai.

  40. Owooooooo! Joss! Amar life a 22+ smartphone use Korechi, but eta awesome.

  41. Ei phone ta ki Rajshahi te eseche? Asle er price koto?

    1. Yes. It is available in the Walton Stores in Rajshahi. The price is given in the post. I think, it will be same as that.

  42. Ei phone Ta ami kinbo kal, but apnara bolen phone ta ki besi gorom hoy ar eta ki Kushtia te pabo? Kon dokane please help me.

  43. RX3 er talk time and standby koto hour?

  44. Kotha bole & internet use kore kotokkhon somoy use kora jay?

  45. Valoi but battery 2600mAh hole valo hoto.

  46. Ami Rangpur a onek khujlam. 2ta kinbo. Pore jante parlam Delar ek shathe 70 ta phone niae rakhce. Bujhlam na keno. Eid er age mone hoy charbena.

  47. Phone ta valo tobe battery 3000 mAh hole valo hoto.

  48. Dam ta 10,000/= taka er moddhe hole valo hoto.

  49. Ha vai, ei mobile ta valoi. Toba ektu problem holo battery er charge kom thake. Ar mobile ta prochondo gorum hoy.

  50. Walton battery kom dey keno!

  51. Vai, phone chai Walton X4. 5.5 mm slim, 5.2″ display, 1920×1080 resolution with 401 pixel density, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM + 32GB, dual SIM, 16mp+5mp camera, 2k video recording, 2950mAh battery. Price ta 13,990 taka hole onek valo hobe. Ar phone ta hobe smartphone. 2015 saler sobche kom dami valo phone. Amar kotha ta mathay rakhben.

  52. Is there any probability of reducing the price after?

  53. Phone ta ki market a asche?

  54. Sob thik ache, but battery ta jodi 2600 mAh hoto, ar keo ovijog korte parto na.

  55. 241dpi! Matro! 400 dpi hole display experience aro valo hoto.

  56. Phone ta onek nice. But exchange er right ase naki? Jodi thake then ami Primo H3 change kore nibo. Ami 7 months age phone ta kinesi. It’s a nice phone. Please exchanger right rakhben. Please amar jonne. And dam ta kom rakhben 11,000/= hole valo hoi.

  57. Li-polymer battery li-ion theke beshi backup dey.

  58. Primo RX3 is a brilliant phone.

  59. Are year. Phone ta bazar e sarbe kobe?

  60. Valo tobe 11,000/= hole ami nibo.

  61. Emon keu ache, je onekdin dhore WALTON use korche? Ei set er ki kono warrenty ache? Oneke bole Walton er 2 ta SIM e naki network valo thake na. Eta ki sotti?

  62. Phone ta ekdom awesome, but battery te problam ache. Kintu ami eti kinbo.

  63. Dam ta ektu kom hole oneke kinbe. Tk=12500/-

  64. Mobile ta Lollipop a upgrade kora jabe na? Upgrade kora gele ami kinbo.

  65. Phone ta amar jnno ekdom perfect.

  66. Just awesome ekta mobile. But battery ta ektu problem. Tobu o overall khub e valo legese. Price ta 12,000/= BDT hole ami nibo. Etar ki white colour hobe?

  67. 13 megapixel rear camera 5 mp front camera 2 gb ram 16 gb rom kintu battery matro 2100 mah. Tarporeo valo karon eta deshi ponno.

  68. Mobile color gold hole ami nibo.

  69. 7.8mm slim hole valo hoto. Ar price 12490 hole perfect hoto.

  70. Phone ta volo. Tobe battery ta 3000 mAh hole volo hoto. Ami phone ta 13,000/= BDT hole nibo.

  71. Phone ta ki market e release hoyse? Ami opekkhate asi kenar jonno.

  72. Phone ta dekhlam. Khub valo phone. Tobe phone er feature onujayi battery er khomota onek kom. Ami opekkhay achi ei phone ta kenar jonno. Phone e notification light nai. Eta amar kache valo lage nai. Phone tar sathe ekti flip cover dile aro valo hoy. Kobe release hobe ar exact dam ta koto hobe janaben.

    1. Ami 3 days theke use korteci battery charge valo thake.

  73. Phone ta charbe kokhon Walton?

  74. It may be better than the best smartphone. I must buy it. This is perfect for me. What a cute figure, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 13+5 MP camera. I love Walton very much. This is my best ever. Thank you Walton!

  75. Mali kom. Game khelte somossha hobe.

  76. Phone tar HTML 5 holei valo hoto. Battery 3000 mAh hole valo hoy. Phone ta 13.500 hole ami nibo.

  77. Phone ta bhaloi. Tobe kobe release hobe ar damta ki 15 k thakbe naki barbe ?

  78. Original price koto ar kothai set ta kinte parbo please ektu janan. I am too much excited! Please contact me by email. Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

  79. Lolipop hoyla and 3000mah battary hoyla best hoba.

  80. Eto ta smart and updated configuration er jonno 2100 mAh battery koto ta perfect hobe? Li-ion ar Li-polymer density battery er difference ki? Elasticity or about quality kemon hobe?

  81. Kobe release korbe? I’m being crazy for the model. But, I think battery 2100 mAh is not sufficient for such configuration, yet I must need the phone if it remain in 15000/= BDT.

  82. Octa-Core Processor, tai 3000 mAh battery hole valo hoy. 15,000/= BDT hole ami kinbo.

  83. Phone ta awesome but kobe release hobe ektu bolben please? Dam ta 15,000/= BDT er vitor hole Insaallah obossoi kinbo! But, er beshi hole onekei kinbe na. Amar friend ra o na, amio na!

  84. Phone ta best lagse. 15k er moddhe hole of course kinbo. Kintu er theke beshi hole Bangladesh er manush eita kinbe na. So, sob dik chinta Kore price ta 15k or 15k er moddhe rakhle khub valo hoi!

  85. Phone tar feature khub valo. But, dam ta jodi 12,000/= BDT er moddhe hoy, tobe khub valo hoy. Ar black chara ar kono color ache ki?

  86. When this phone will come? I mean when it will be released?

  87. Na Bangladesi phone hoye Banglay eto price deya thik na.

  88. Set tar configuration so good, but price 15k er moddhe hole nibo.

  89. This phone is gonna be the best phone ever, but I think the price is a little…

  90. Phone tar Details Khub valo. 2GB RAM ar 2100 mAh battery khubi valo. Kinto Android Version Lolipop Hole Valo Hoto. Tobuo Sob Dik Theke Valoi.

  91. Wow! Amar jonno perfect set. Dam ta 15 er moddhe holei nibo.

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