Walton Primo S4: Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Walton Mobile Bangladesh has declared their upcoming high specification device named Walton Primo S4. This mobile phone contains some excellent features, which were not present in many of the previous handsets of Walton. It contains Android Kitkat 4.4.2 (Upgradable to Lollipop), operating system, 1.7 GHz Octa Core Processor, GPU Mali 450, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 5 inch HD Display, 1280×720 Resolution, 13 MP rear camera, 8 MP front camera, 2200 mAh battery and some sensors. Before looking at the newcomer, you may like to check out the Walton Primo Price List, Walton Primo S1Walton Primo S2Walton Primo S3, and Walton Primo S3 Mini.

Like the previous S-series phones, this one is also a dream phone for higher budget customers.

Let’s see the details specifications of Walton Primo S4:

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Basic Parameters:
Operating System: Android KitKat 4.4.2 (Upgradable to Lollipop)
CPU Clock: 1.7 GHz Octa-Core
Number of Core: 8
GPU: Mali 450
Storage space (ROM): 32GB
External Memory: Yes, Up to 32GB

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Network Parameters:
Call mode: Dual SIM Card, Dual Standby (3G Supports in both SIM slot)
Network type: UMTS+GSM
Network band: GSM 900/1800MHz, UMTS 2100 MHz
Network speed: GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSPA+

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Screen Parameters:
Screen size: 5 inch HD
Resolution: 1280×720 Pixels, Supports 26M color
Touch & protector: Capacitive touchscreen (Up To 5 Fingers Multi-touch) with 3rd Generation Corning Gorilla Glass on front side and Dragon Trail Glass on back side
Display Type: Pure Black IPS

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Camera Parameters:
Rear Camera: BSI 13.0 Megapixels with Autofocus
Front Camera: BSI 8.0 Megapixels with Autofocus
Video recording: Full HD (1080p) (1920 x 1080)
Flash: Support (Both Front and Rear Camera)

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Video: 1080p Full HD Video playback
Radio: FM Radio Support with recorder

Connectivity and Location:
Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth V4, Micro USB 2, WLAN Hotspot, Wireless Display Sharing, OTG
OTA [On The Air] Upgrade enabled

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Motion Sensors: Accelerometer (3D)
Environment Sensors: Light (Brightness)
Position Sensors: Proximity, Magnetic Field, Orientation

GPS module: GPS with A-GPS network-assisted GPS navigation function

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh
Type: Li-polymer battery

Weight: 129g (with battery)
Dimension: 142.6 x 70.7 x 7.5 mm

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Special features:

Timing SMS
Software Lock
Smart Wake
Double Tap To Light
Float Multitask Window
Front Flash
Unified Storage

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price

Price: 14,990/= BDT

Release Date: 26th August, 2015

Warranty: 1 year

Customer Care Center Contact numbers:

09612316267 (from all operators and landline)
16267 (From all operators except landline) (9 AM to 10 PM)

Walton Primo S4 Android Phone Full Specifications & Price


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  1. Vaiya, Walton Primo S4 ekhon dam koto?

  2. Can I buy a battery only? If yes, from where?

  3. Could you please tell me if Walton Primo S4 get drowned in water, can memory be retrieved?

  4. Vaiya, Walton Primo S4 update kivabe korbo?

  5. 16000 taka er moddhe kon set valo hobe? Orginal Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Chittagong er kothay pawa jabe?

  6. I want a mobile phone with fingerprint.

  7. Dada, Walton Primo ZX2 Mini er dam kom. Sei khetre Walton Primo ZX2 Mini naki Walton Primo S4?

  8. Is Walton Primo S4 available in market?

  9. Dada, Walton Primo S4 e ki LED Notification Light sensor ache?

  10. Walton Primo R4+ and Symphony Xplorer ZVII valo konta?

  11. Dada, Walton Primo S4 e selfie stick connect hoy? Please tell me.

  12. Walton Primo X3 Mini or Walton Primo S4?

  13. Walton Primo S4 er rear camera er LED flash kemon?

  14. Vaiya, Walton Primo S4 na Walton Primo RM2 Mini konta valo?

  15. Vai, Symphony Xplorer ZVI or Walton Primo S4 konta valo hobe? Price tao ektu bibechona kore bolbrn. Ami Symphony Xplorer ZVI choice korechi.

    1. Walton Primo S4. But, if you have less money, Symphony Xplorer ZVI is also good.

  16. Vai, ekhon ki Walton 1 no. plaza Tangail e ei Walton Primo S4 pawa jabe?

  17. Dada, Walton Primo R4+, Symphony Xplorer ZVII, Walton Primo S4 which one has better camera?

    1. Symphony Xplorer ZVII has better rear camera. Walton Primo S4 has better front camera.

  18. Vaia, Walton Primo S4 e battery backup kemon thake?

  19. Vaia, ami NX3 kinte chacchi. NX3 ki sob dik diye valo hobe? Camera video game sob dik diye ki valo hobe? Vaia, ektu janaben.

  20. Vai, ami ekjon gano-maddhom kormi. Ami Walton Primo S4 nibo jodi camera, performance, charge valo hoy sob dik diye. Ami eti diye photography er kaj korbo. Sob dik diye valo hole janaben. Ta chara phone ti onek sundor dekhte.

    1. Yes. Walton Primo S4 looks attractive. But, I will recommend you Walton Primo NX3 for a better performance.

  21. 15,000/= taka budget er vitore konta valo hobe bhai, bolben.

  22. Noakhali showroom kothay ektu bolte parben?

    1. NOAKHALI:

      WSMS Chowmohani
      Contact No: 01678049395
      Address: Manik Plaza, Mirwarishpur, Begumgonj, Chowmohani, Noakhali.

      WP Chowmohoni
      Contact No: 01678028857
      Address: Siraj Complex, Karimpur Road, Chowmohoni

      WP Chatkhil
      Contact No: 01912252292
      Address: Noor Plaza, Dokkhin Bazar, Khilpara Road, Chatkhil, Noakhali

      WP Maizdi
      Contact No: 01678028300
      Address: Jahangir Bhaban, Main Road, Maizdi Court, Noakhali

      WP Companigonj
      Contact No: 01678048541
      Address: Khayer Complex, Notun Bus Stand, Boshurhat, Companygonj, Noakhali

      For more: Walton Showroom List.

  23. Ami ekti Walton Primo S4 nite chai. Mohakhali Walton Showroom e paoa jabe ki?

  24. Brother, Walton er 15-20 hajar er moddhe kon phone ta sob dik diye valo? Please janaben.

  25. Vai, etate ki G-sensor ache?

  26. Walton Primo S4 er battery backup kemon? Eta te ki Temple Run OZ & other HD & 3D games lag chara khela jabe?

  27. S4 er battery change korte koto cost lagte pare? Amar S4 er battery down hoiche. Ekhon ami ki korte pari?

  28. Sujon vai, Walton S4 camera valo hobe naki ZX2 Mini valo hobe? Ar picture size ZX2 Mini koto MB hobe please bolben.

    1. ZX2 Mini camera. Size depends on the picture type, light and amount of details. So, it varies.

  29. How many days does the battery last?

  30. Dada, kon mobile ta best hobe motamuti sob dik theke? Symphony ZVI/P6(2GB)/Walton RX4/Walton S4 naki ei price er moddhe onno aro valo ache?

  31. Samsung er latest kon set ta kena jay 15,000/- taka er moddhe?

  32. Vai, RX4, S4, V2, VX ei gulor majhe kontar camera valo hobe?

  33. Vai, overall valo hobe konta V2 naKi NX3 or S4. Sob dik diye. Camera, apps, touch, Android system, phone speed, all dik diye. Please bolben. Ajke kinte jabo.

  34. Camera, performance, charge sob dik theke konta valo hobe? NX3, S4 naki RM2? Please reply.

  35. Drar Sujon da, ekhon S4 kinle vul hobe naki?

  36. Ei phone tar recent price ta koto? Rk jaygay to dekhlam 15,990/= taka. Please ektu bolen konta sothik.

    1. The price was 15,990/= earlier. But, now it has been reduced and the latest price is always given in this website

  37. Sujon da, HTC 620 G+ or Walton S4 which is better?

  38. Vai, 5,000 taka er moddhe kon phone ta valo hobe?

  39. V2 or S4, which one is better? Please reply me soon.

  40. Sujon da, Walton S4 Lolipop e update dile ki phone ti te kono prokar problem hobe?

    1. Official Firmware will not cause any problem. But, unofficial firmware may have some bugs.

  41. Walton S4 e Lolipop upgrade kora jabe ki?

  42. Ekhon ami Walton S4 kinbo. Decision ta ki valo hobe?

  43. S4/V2/NX3? And V2 ta ki market e asche?

  44. Sujon da, Walton S4/Sumsung J5/Walton RX4/Symphony ZV Pro – konta valo hobe?

  45. Get up valo and stylish mone hosche S4 er. But, battery back up kom. V2 & NX3 sunlam January 1st week a asbe. Ki korbo vabchi.

  46. Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 naki hang kore. Er aro problem ache. Loudspeaker e naki problem ache. Onek address e dekhlam. So please ekhon apni bolen egula ki true?
    Ar Walton S4 er update ki ber hobe?

    1. I did not use the phone. So, it may be true as those who used it are commenting after using it. No idea about S4 update.

  47. Dear Sujon, bolben Walton S4 Mini ber hobe ki na?

    1. Not sure. As S3 Mini is available, S4 Mini has a good chance of coming.

  48. Dada, Walton S4 valo naki Xiaomi Note 3 valo hobe?

  49. Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 o ki Walton S4 er theke valo hobe? Please bolen. Ar ekek website e ekek rokom price dea. Ekhon kon address theke kinbo please bolen.

    1. Yes. Buy from any popular shop like GadgetGang7.

  50. Sujon vai, Nano/Mini/Micro SIM er moddhe difference ki? KitKat theke Lollipop e update pele ki S4 er recent app stock lollipop er moto hobe?

    1. No difference in storage. The only difference is in the size. Here is a photo with details.
      Yes. The recent app stock will be changed.

  51. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 kothay pabo please bolen vai. Warrenty shoho. Ar eta ki Walton S4 er theke valo hobe?

    1. Yes. Here is the address. GadgetGang7, Basundhara City, Dhaka. Contact Number: 02 8417600 / 01778 88 88 00 / 09612444777.

  52. Dr. Sujon Paul vai, mobile er moddhe kon version bhalo: KitKat na Lollipop?

  53. Dr. Sujon Paul vai, 10,000 – 13,000 taka er moddhe ki Walton Primo S4 pawa jabe?

  54. Walton Primo S4 er present price koto? And camera ki Samsung J7 er theke onek beshi low quality? Dada answer me as soon as possible please.

    1. Current price is given in the post. You can also see the camera performance in the review video at the end of the post. I think, it is good enough.

  55. Vai, ami S4 byabohar korchi. Root ki? Amar phone root korle amar kono lav hobe na khoti hobe? Ar root korle jodi kono khoti na hoye upokar hoy, tahole kemon kore korbo?

  56. Kintu vai, onno shobar comment onujayi mone hocche, charge ektu kom thake. Tar mane ei set e charge kom thake?

    1. Most of the comments here says that charging is not a problem in this phone.

  57. Dada, I bought one Primo S4 two weeks ago. I found some important things missing in this phone set:
    1) Camera Set up (Camera Info missing). Please let me know how to find it.
    2) Font is absolutely small. This set extra large font is equivalent to Samsung small font, which really makes me disappointed. The magnification gesture is not solving the problem. Is there any way to update new improved larger fonts.
    3) Theme: It is fixed with Google search box which is another disappointment. In the original theme, I tried to remove it but I can not. Even I uninstall Google search but still it is not gone. I don’t like other themes except the main original theme. Is there any way to remove it? Please advise.

    1. 1) Camera megapixels can be seen in Camera>Settings>Image Settings.
      2) Root your phone and change the default font of your phone by the help of this post.
      3) If you root your phone, you will be able to remove the Google Search widget with the help of System App Remover.

      1. Thanks for your reply. It’s a bit different type view than other phone but OK.
        @ Root my phone – I am worried, I think my phone contact, other apps will be deleted? Please advise. Could you please send me a YouTube video URL showing how to root Walton S4 phone?

        1. Use KingRoot app. Install it and tap on the ROOT button. Keep internet connection or Wifi ON while rooting. It will take 2-3 minutes maximum to root.

  58. Sujon vaiya, Walton S4/Symphony ZV Pro/Asus Zenfone 2 konta kinbo?

    1. Asus Zenfone 2 has 3 versions. ZE500CL, ZE551ML 2GB/16GB and ZE551ML 4GB/32GB. The best will be the last one.

  59. Sujon bhaiya, Huawei G Play Mini/Samsung Grand Prime/Walton S4/Helio S1 ei set gulor moddhe kon set ta valo hobe?

  60. Sujon sir, Clash Of Clan khelle er charge kotokkhon thakbe? Anumanik bolen please. Khub dorkar. Ami apnar reply er jonno wait korchi.

    1. Ektana khele dekhte hobe. Jana nai. 3-4 hours hobe.

  61. Walton S4 ki 4G pabe? 4G pele ami kinbo.

  62. Sujon vaia, Samsung J7 er kon model ta valo hobe? SM-J700F na SM-J700M?

  63. Sujon Vai, 10000-16000/= kon mobile sobcheye valo hobe? Please bolen.

  64. Walton Primo S4 e Lollipop version ana jabe?

  65. Sujon vai, ami S4 15 days age kinechi. First time e amar set gorom hoto na. But, 2 days dhore set ta onek gorom hoye jacche. Ki kora jay, vai?

    1. Uninstall any unnecessary app. Then root your phone and start using Greenify app to hibernate the unused apps. I hope, it will work.

  66. Dear Sujon vai, ami ekta 4G, Dual Flash Camera, Dual SIM kinte chacchi. Kon set kinbo janaban please.

    1. Walton VX, V2 and Symphony Helio S1 has 4G, but none of them has front flash.

  67. Amar Primo S4 kinechi matro 1 month hoyeche. But, hotat kore touch kaj kore na. Ekhon ki korle thick hobe?

    1. You have to visit your nearest Walton Showroon and complain about it.

  68. Vai, set kenar somoy ki OTG cable dey? Ami aj kinlam, but OTG cable dey nai. Eta ki sathe thake naki alada kinte hoy?

  69. Normal use e set ta te charge kotokhon thake please keu bolben.

  70. Rater bela ondhokare chobi jhapsa hoy. Eta ki camera’r somossa? Naki onno kichu? Sujon vai apnar poramorsho chacchi. Charge valoi thake. Majhe majhe halka gorom hoy.

    1. Vai, amaro oi aki somososa ar nano SIM support nicche na.

  71. Charge kotokhon thake? Ei mobile er battery ki change kora jay? Ami kintesi. Please bolen.

    1. Depends on your use. The battery is non-removable. You can’t remove it.

  72. Apni ki kindly bolte parben eita kon phone er rebrand kora? Please, khub upokrito hobo.

  73. Vai, set ta onek shokh kore kinecilam. But, use kore bujhtachi set tar sob valo. Game performance best. Kintu set ta mair khaiche ek matro bettary er karone. Battary ta sei rokom baje. E chara ei set ta best camera awesome, samner cemara tar resolution ekto kom. But chole. Best mobile S4. Chole. Kharap na bolle o chole. Good luck all.

  74. Ami Walton S4 use korchi. Phone er sob thik ache, but charge khub kom thake. 2 hours chalate pari na. Ki korte pari, janaben. Phone ta majhe majhe hang hocche. Somadhaner upay ki?

    1. Use Greenify. If the problem still persists, contact customer care.

  75. Ei S4 ki OTG diye Banglalion USB modem use kora jabe?

  76. Battery ki fixed? Ar S4 ki ekhon sob jaygay available acha?

  77. Sujon vai, please bolben, konta valo hobe? Symphony ZVI naki Walton Primo S4?

  78. Ami Walton set kinte chai. Tobe bujhte parsi na konta kinbo. RX4 naki S4?

  79. Ami 5,000/- hoile kinbo. Ami December ba January er dike kinbo. 15,000/- is too much.

  80. Why the battery power of this set is so poor in these modern days? Battery power must not be less than 4000mAh.

  81. Walton Primo X3 Mini ami use kori. Sotti jeta, battery fixed holeyo charge valo thake. But, set gorom hoye hang kore. Ei problem chara ar kono problem nai. Camera awesome. Walton er set kinle kinte paren. Resolution valo.

  82. Sujon dada, please amake ektu help koren. Huwai G Play Mini, Samsung Grand Prime & Walton S4 ei 3 tar vitor konta kinbo? Shob dik bibechona kore bolben please.

  83. Is it OTG supported? And Android version ta ki KitKat theke Lolipop e upgradable noy?

  84. Walton S4 is the best phone I have ever seen.

  85. Apnara jara S4 kinte chan, tader ke boltesi, please S4 kinben na. Etar battery eto baje, use korle bujhte parben. Ami Walton showroom tekhe kinsi 15,990/= taka diye. But, first charge diye bujhlam, use kore dekhlam, battery somossa. But, porer din giye change kore anlam. But, same ager moto. Tai, again boltesi, please kenar age valo kore jene sune bujhe Walton S4 kinben.

  86. Ami ei phone ta kinte chai. Kintu original 13 megapixels naki Symphony er moto baje. Please give me the answer. Emergency.

    1. Apni nischinte kinte paren. Camera onek valo. Symphony er moto na.

  87. I want to buy it. But, the price is some high.

  88. Walton S4 ami use korchi. Ekhono porjonto kono problem pai ni. Valo charge thake + gorom hoy na.

    1. X2 dekhi nai. But, S4 er display onek valo. Ami kinechi.

  89. Sujon vai, please ektu bolben ki? S4 gorom hoy kemon? Eta essential ekta matter. Please janale khub khushi habo.

    1. Not only S4, all phones temperature may be increased if used for a long time or during heavy or multi tasking. So, avoid using more than one app at a time to keep your phone cool. Use Greenify app for hibernating apps.

  90. Phone ta valoi. Kintu dam ektu besi mone hocche. 15,000/= hole onek valo hoto.

  91. Walton S4 phone ti kinlam. Mone hocche kharap na. Price nilo 15,300/= Taka.

  92. Baja ekta phone. RM2 ta khub valo mobile.

  93. 10,000/= hole valo hoto. Vaijan ra, sobai Symphony Xplorer P6 phone ta kinun. Set ti darun hobe. Rate o kom.

  94. Phone ta ami 26 tarikh kinechi. Onek sundor. Charge o valo thakche. Walton S4 diyei comment korlam.

  95. Walton Primo S4 dekhte onek sundor. Ami er aage Walton er onek set use korechi. Onek valo. Battery 2200 mAh. Arektu beshi hole hoyto aro valo hoto. Tobuo chesta korbo eta kenar.

  96. 15,990/= taka dia pagol chara keu kinbona ei phone.

  97. Valoito mone hosse. Damta jodi ar ektu kom hoto, tahole aro valo hoto.

  98. Walton company Primo S4 er price ta besi hoye gelo na?

  99. Very nice phone. But, price komle valo hoy.

  100. Release Date: 26th August, 2015. Vai, ei date ta ke fixed? Ar mobile ti ami kinte chacchi. Kemon hobe, poramorsho chacchilam.

    1. Yes. It is officially announced by Walton. I think, the phone is good enough. You can buy it without any confusion.

  101. RAM jodi 3GB hoto, then aro valo hoto. Anyway 15,000/= hole kinbo inshaallah.

  102. Ami opekkhay achi. Ar kotodin korte hobe jani na. Inshallah phone ta ami kinbo. Phone ti release hole amake janale khushi hobo.

  103. 15,000/= takar moddhe hoile kinbo.

  104. Just awesome this mobile. I want to buy this phone. :) Please inform me kindly. When will this mobile come at the market? And last price above 14,490/- that’s perfect price. Please try to keep price 14,490/- taka. Good luck.

  105. Sir, etar battery ki removable naki fixed?

  106. This phone’s quality is nice. Price is 14,490/= BDT. I want to buy an S4, but in the next month. Uttara, Dhaka.

  107. 15,000/= taka hole valo hobe amar jonno.

  108. Amader phone joruri proyojon. Tai jodi phone ti aste deri hoy, amra onno phone kine felbo.

  109. 16,000/= taka er besi hole kinbo na.

  110. Sob thik ache. Dispaly ta full HD (1080×1920) diye price 15,000/= hole seirokom hoto.

  111. Very Nice Phone. Please notify me when it will be supplied in the market. Then I’ll buy it.

  112. Dam ta hote pare 16,990/= taka. Kinte ektu kosto hoye jabe.

  113. Very nice design and awesome configuration. But, price is out of many ones Budget. All over it’s a nice device of Walton family.

  114. Apnara keu Walton S4 set ti kenar asha korben na. Karon, ei mas e set ti ber hobar kotha chilo. Kintu S4 set aro 1 mas er besi somoy lagbe market e aste. Apnara sobai Symphony ZVI kine felun. ZVI set ti khub valo. Ami nije chalai. Good. Nice. Symphony Z6.

  115. Please notify me, when this mobile will be released in the market.

  116. I am thinking that this phone is fine & likely simple. But can not find the battery life. If the battery supports minimum 1 day after using net & others, that’s OK. Because every man wants good quality with battery support.

  117. Very Nice Phone. Please notify me when it will be supplied in market. Then I’ll buy it. Thank you!

  118. I will buy it. When will it be released? Please tell me.

  119. Phone tar quality khub e sundor, price 15,000/=. I want to buy a S4 but where it is available?

  120. Valo. Kintu price 12000/= hole valo hoto. Ami kinbo.